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Our Story


I love to cook and BBQ and shared that love with our son as he was growing up. We started making salsas on the weekends and would take it into work to share with my guinea pigs – I mean co-workers. They all started pitching in to pay for the ingredients and I continued to make tweaks to the recipes from their feedback. 


One day, our son came to me asking for $120.00 for a new video game. I said no, that’s too much money, he said, “Dad, just put it on your credit card.” That’s when BlumLoco was born. We realized he needed to understand what it took to earn that money. We started selling our salsas at farmer’s markets on the weekends. We taught him what percentage he would earn based on the sales that were made on the weekends. He went with us to purchase the ingredients, assisted in making the product, packaging it and selling the product.


Each Monday, he would go and put some money down on the game. When the new video game came out, he had fully paid for and was proud that he had earned the money to purchase it on his own. After 3 weeks he was bored with the game and told us that was a lot of money. The lesson was learned and a family business was born.


Although we no longer sell salsas, our seasoning, salts, gourmet chocolates and our unique snack mixes are a part of us. We hope you can feel the joy and love that is put into our hand-crafted small batch products.

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